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Manx Grand Prix Newcomers Weekend - Malcolm - 25-02-2015

[Image: mgplogo2015.jpg]

The Manx Motor Cycle Club is hoping for some good weather this weekend when they host the 1st of the 2015 Mike Hailwood Foundation Newcomers Weekends.

The Club is looking forward to meeting some 25 potential Newcomers for this year’s Manx Grand Prix who will be eager to learn all they can about competing on the Mountain Circuit from current experienced riders and the Club’s Newcomer Liaison Officers, John Batty, Andy Cowin & Barry Wood.

Travelling from all over the UK & Ireland the Newcomers will also be joined by 2 riders from the Netherlands Dennis Hoffer and Sjak van Dijk together with Yvan Carbona from France.

In addition to guided laps of the circuit and meeting the Officials of the Club, the Newcomers have all been invited to attend the Hogg Motorsport Auction that takes place at the Palace Hotel on Friday evening.

The 2nd Newcomers Weekend takes place on 13/15 March.

[Image: BillyRedmayne.jpg]

Photo courtesy of Tony Rogers
2014 Newcomers A Winner Billy Redmayne

RE: Manx Grand Prix Newcomers Weekend - Kursaal Flyer - 25-02-2015

I looking forward to it !  Fly out from Gatwick 9.00 Friday morning with a least one other I know who is going. It will be great to see the Island again and get the taster of everything that happens at the Manx during this introductory weekend. Icon_cool

RE: Manx Grand Prix Newcomers Weekend - Kursaal Flyer - 02-03-2015

Just a quick note for now. A massive thanks to everybody involved. This is till I have some more time to try to put the experience into words. 
Great people. Awesome weekend . Loads of information .

I am effervescing The Manx Grand  Prix to those around me like the bubbles in a good bottle of Champange Icon_biggrin

RE: Manx Grand Prix Newcomers Weekend - Kursaal Flyer - 05-03-2015

Hi all .Had a few days now to get my feet back on the ground but theres a definate bounce in my step which is going to be with me all the way to August.
I would mention names of those involved with last weekend but I would miss someone out and that would be unfair.So again a massive thankyou to everybody whatever your involvement it was appreciated.
The point of this weekend is to give newcomers circuit knowledge and going round with as many different riders in the vans and cars gave me the chance to do just that. Doing this helps you pick up important info that you just cannot see from on boards or play stations games, this alone made the weekend worth while .
Plus then add the bonus of an insight of what happens in the paddock, pit lane and scrutineering should help make the whole experience less daunting when August arrives.
It was also good to chat with my fellow newcomers and get to know them, hopefully we will all see each other in August and have a good and safe race.
I will leave this now with a couple of the phrases that might just stick in my old grey matter .
The first relevant to nearly all the corners round the circuit "Late Apex " sort of speaks for itself.
The second one equally important you can take this how you like is " if in doubt knock one out " Icon_lol