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Twins tyres advice - MIKE B8S - 19-07-2015

A guy I know is doing the newcomers and supertwins race this year. He's planning on taking 3 sets of tyres over the 2 weeks practice and racing (I think medium compound). Was hoping any of you knowledgeable mechanics/ competitors could give me some advice to pass on. Would the 3 sets of tyres be enough? What's the general consensus on how long front/rear tyres last on the twins?

Thanks in advance.

RE: Twins tyres advice - beetroot - 20-07-2015

We run twins in the Manx with newcomers and the TT. 2 riders at the TT used both Metzeler and Dunlop. Metz/pirelli were SC1 front and 160 SC2 rear. The rears lasted up to 6 laps in practise but we had new ones on for the 3 lap race. Dunlops last miles longer with a "strong" Ntec 180 rear at the manx you should easily get 8 laps in with a decent suspesion set up. We will be there in the newcomers and supertwins race on Dunlops so if your struggling for info just ask.

RE: Twins tyres advice - MIKE B8S - 20-07-2015

Thanks very much beetroot. Appreciate it