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Aermacchi Spokes - bsa499 - 09-11-2016

I’d be most interested to know whether any forum members have experienced issues with rear wheel spoke breakage when running horizontal single cylinder Aermacchis on the Mountain Course?

RE: Aermacchi Spokes - Alfie Noakes - 10-11-2016

Hello BSA, just sent you a PM.

RE: Aermacchi Spokes - gnwt - 13-11-2016

Good Morning BSA, I raced an Aermacchi on the Isle of Man for four years and never had a problem with rear wheel spokes breaking or coming loose. Your thread intrigues me!!!

RE: Aermacchi Spokes - canamant - 11-03-2017

Rear wheel problems are not unheard of. My friend had a 350 Aermacchi which use to loosen the rear wheel bearings in the hub which meant a loctite bearing fit job every day. The 250 rear hub cracked nearly all the way around between the spoke holes. I think the 250 broke down with an ignition problem around about the 11th......