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1988 Classic Senior - RaceFanAdam - 12-02-2017

Hi guys
Can anyone help with the winner of the 1988 Classic manx senior.

I have a P. Nicholls listed but would love a first name. Currently putting together a list of winners and stats per year so would like to have it complete.


RE: 1988 Classic Senior - ericcane - 12-02-2017

I would think that would be Phil Nicholls from Preston.

RE: 1988 Classic Senior - RaceFanAdam - 13-02-2017

Cheers, even the main manx gp site doesn't have a full name, motocourse also stopped covering the manx after 87.

RE: 1988 Classic Senior - Splashdown - 13-02-2017

Definitely Phil Nicholls from Preston. A carpet fitter by trade. A really decent lad, who's a big pal of engine tuning wizard Tony Scott.