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Classic/Manx gp - Revvin rich - 15-08-2019

Well here we are again racing on the TT course and i can't wait for Saturday for the practice to start, I applaud Bruce Anstey for his bravery to do what he's about to do ride the TT course again and you can't count him out for a win on the padgetts Honda and let's not forget the, Manx gp riders who are getting faster every year well done lads and lasses. See you there a week on Friday

RE: Classic/Manx gp - BrianW - 15-08-2019

Seconded, only able to get over for a couple of days in practice week, but better than nothing.

RE: Classic/Manx gp - Nasher - 15-08-2019


A 2 week trip for me - fingers crossed for some good weather

Can't wait to smell the castrol R & 2 stroke oil

RE: Classic/Manx gp - ericcane - 16-08-2019

Next Friday for me,for 10 days

RE: Classic/Manx gp - H2pots - 16-08-2019

Roll on. It comes round quickly doesn't it.

Roll on friday of practice week.... Out Friday back the week after on Wednesday.

Fingers crossed we get better weather than we got for the TT.

Come rain or shine... I'll be rolling off the ferry in Douglas on Friday afternoon

RE: Classic/Manx gp - captainsparkledotcom - 17-08-2019

Friday for us, get in at 6pm, then to the Railway at Union Mills for practice, our homestayers moved there 2 weeks ago. 
Going to be a big change from now on!
Just foot soldiering this time (wish I could afford to take a bike, but it's our 3rd time to the Island again this year, then we're off to the East Coast Racing festival in Ireland 2 weeks after!)

RE: Classic/Manx gp - Chris_Sav - 17-08-2019

Missing it already this year, first time I haven't been for many years, hope the problems this year allow me to return next year.

Reduced to watching my lot come ashore on the webcam from the vomit-comet.

Good luck to all the marshals and especially Laurel Bank II and the Pumphouse.

RE: Classic/Manx gp - laverda77 - 22-08-2019

The wife and i are heading over on Monday for the manx,we know there is a rock n roll night in the legion on Wednesday,and Laverda meet at Port Erin golf club Tues,any other events we should know about? Thanks in advance.