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New TT Grandstand bridge will open all year round - Malcolm - 14-02-2020

[Image: NeweTTBridge.jpg]

New TT Grandstand bridge will open all year round to help elderly residents

An application(20/00081/B) for a new footbridge to cross Glencrutchery Road has been submitted by the Department of Infrastructure.

The bridge will be a replacement for the long-standing blue one which was removed earlier this year after it was deemed unsafe.

The DoI says the bridge will be open all year around to assist people with crossing the road. It is above a pedestrianised crossing.

Like the former bridge, it will cross from just inside Noble’s Park to just inside Douglas Borough Cemetery.

However, unlike the former bridge, the new one has a lift as an alternative to the climb up and down four flights of stairs.

In another change from the old rectangular structure, the new bridge will have a curved perforated archway at its highest point.

The DoI said in its application that the bridge

’has been designed with greater emphasis on health and safety and equality’.

It added:

’The designs of the replacement bridge includes Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) access so that anyone with any form of difficulty in using the stairs will still be able to use the bridge.

’After discussions with Age Concern, it was established that providing 24 hour DDA access would possibly help improve the quality of life of some elderly and disabled nearby residents as they are more likely to feel more comfortable using the bridge as opposed to crossing the busy road.’

The DoI has also revealed that to construct the bridge, it will need to remove three trees from the surrounding area. However, it has pledged that ’to offset this, the department is willing to commit to planting 100 trees in locations to be agreed upon with the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture’.

The bridge will be lit at night, however there is no confirmation if it will be ready for this year’s TT.

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RE: New TT Grandstand bridge will open all year round - Revvin rich - 15-02-2020

Put a few logos on it for the TT and it will look OK