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Doubts about TT2021 - CloudBoy - 22-07-2020

Sounds like bad news...

Does anyone know more about it?


RE: Doubts about TT2021 - Manxman78 - 22-07-2020

Personally I think it's to early to predict if TT 2021, would be cancelled, and hopefully a vaccine will be available at some point by the end of this year!.

Let's stay positive and hopefully that TT2021 will go ahead, as long as there is a vaccine available before TT 2021 I am 99% sure
That TT 2021 will go ahead, fingers crossed.

RE: Doubts about TT2021 - ian333 - 22-07-2020

I think the point he is making is probably to do with the motorbike racing community being able to support itself in the coming year - race teams are part funded by industry ‘partners’ supplying them with product and/or cold hard cash. Additionally, the IOM govt needs part of their expense to be off set by their ‘partners’ writing hefty cheques. IOM pays out a lot of money to fund the race in terms of infrastructure, insurance and paying teams and riders etc etc. Obviously they get a return on their investment primarily in tourist money flowing into the economy.

COVID is not our only enemy I guess is the takeaway but to be sure, the TT probably cannot run on a no spectator basis - no spectators, no add to the economy.

RE: Doubts about TT2021 - SILJA - 22-07-2020

I'm both doubtgul and hopeful. Please note that a vaccine prevents people to be infected but it doesn't cure the disease. As Isle of Man is an island it's easier to "hold the borders" if no starngers are allowed to the island. Does anyone know if there are, or have been, people infected on the island up to now?

RE: Doubts about TT2021 - Manxman78 - 23-07-2020

63 days without any covid cases on the island as of yesterday, the borders remain closed only key workers allow providing they have an exception certificate, as from the 20th July Manx residents only are allowed to leave the island for travel but need a resident number to return to the island, and on return have to self isolate for 14 days.

RE: Doubts about TT2021 - Manxman78 - 23-07-2020

There have been over 7,000 test completed currently, there have been 336 cases, 24 death's from covid, currently 0 active cases, and 0 hospital admissions on the island, and 63 days free from covid as of yesterday.

Hope this helps!.

RE: Doubts about TT2021 - HammerHead - 29-07-2020

It's far too early to make a call on TT2021. Who know what will happen with a possible 2nd wave, winter spike (like flu) or vaccine development. Can't see any decision either way being made before February/March 2021.

RE: Doubts about TT2021 - Manxman78 - 29-07-2020

I agree with you Hammerhead it is far to early there wouldn't be a decision on TT 2021! Until at least March time 2021! , I guess time will tell all we can do is keep our fingers crossed and hope that TT 2021! Will go ahead!!!!!.

RE: Doubts about TT2021 - ian333 - 29-07-2020

I would expect the organisers to give some kind of guidance sooner rather than later. I think it is foolhardy to think the event can easily be turned on in March. We all have travel plans to make. Budgets need to set. Newcomers need to be coordinated. TV schedules need to be determined. Accommodation needs booking. The list is literally endless. It is a year round event in the making. Steam packet travelers have been able to roll their tickets over to next year but for those who fly have had a completely different experience. Trying to get refunds never mind the thought of risking more money by securing flights for an event that may or may not happen makes for an uncomfortable experience. I read horror stories about people unable to get refunds for their hotel accommodation (they weren’t even offered to roll it to 21). If you are coming from the mainland via the Steam Packet and you stay in a tent, chances are you are ok with letting everything ride until March. If you travel from further afield and/or don’t tent it, your situation is more precarious - and that is just for us fans on an individual basis. Can’t imagine what is would be like for groups/families/teams etc trying to get their heads around what is going on.

RE: Doubts about TT2021 - CloudBoy - 29-07-2020

An interesting point of view...

RE: Doubts about TT2021 - AntG - 31-07-2020

It's the economic situation which is most concerning, we're going into a recession far worse than what we saw 10 years or so ago. I also think most of the world is going to end up going back into full lockdown before the winter arrives.