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At Last - Anonymous - 18-02-2001

Fans of the Manx fear not dispite injury, pain and fatherhood Cargo will be entering this years Manx GP.Everyone who knows me and Sandy is invited to come and visit us in the paddock for a beer and more but remember you have to babysit for one night while we are there. Forget the "TT" come and some see some real racing at the Manx cos we race for the joy of it all NOT for the cash.
Roll on the Manx

Re: At Last - Anonymous - 18-02-2001

See you there, and put me down for a nights babysitting, Cargo!

Re: At Last - Anonymous - 18-02-2001

Cargo just read your message to btb about Joey
Go Cargo gve him stick!!

Re: At Last - Anonymous - 19-02-2001

Seeya there but no babysitting, sorry, I spend the rest of the year doing that!

One good thing about a classic bike, it keeps you off the streets!

Re: At Last - Anonymous - 19-02-2001

nice to hear youre back in one piece again cargo.poss. see you at Cookstown.definitely the Manx!
Also thanks for the mail,Gail.Let me know your plans

Re: At Last - Anonymous - 20-02-2001

Back in one piece and a dad to boot!!