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Nigel Hansen - Anonymous - 04-03-2001

Does anyone know whatever happened to Nigel Hansen. We got to know him quite well over the years he was at the Manx, but I have nothing about him for ages.

Re: Nigel Hansen - Anonymous - 04-03-2001

Yes, we remember Nigel. He used to work off shore till the the season started then travel the circuits in his luxury bus ? Last we heard he had gone back to live in South Africa but that was ages ago. Nice lad Nigel.

Re: Nigel Hansen - Anonymous - 04-03-2001

That's the fella - Team Putty Tat Racing!

I wonder how I could get in touch with him?

Re: Nigel Hansen - Anonymous - 06-03-2001

i was speaking to nigel a couple of days ago.if you would like to get him to get in touch let me know and i will give him a call.

Re: Nigel Hansen - Anonymous - 06-03-2001

Cheers Alan.

He might not remember me, but he will remember my Dad, Dave Phillips. We met him at the UGP in about 1990 I think and we stayed pally with him for quite a few years. I think my Dad pit signalled for him a couple of times.

Re: Nigel Hansen - Anonymous - 07-03-2001

Would like to know what had happened to him. Is he still involved in roadracing ?

Re: Nigel Hansen - Anonymous - 08-03-2001

he still has his bus and his bikes but hasn't been racing for years.he went off to university to get a degree and is now in the process of getting his commercial pilots licence(if i ever hear the words "good morning this is captain hansen" i'm jumping off the plane parachute or not). he has made some noises about racing but thinks the bikes will be in the forgotten era class by the time he gets round to it.