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MGP ENTRY DONT PANIC - Anonymous - 27-04-2001

Having spoken to Caroline at the MMCC it seems that they have just started sending out "Entry confirmations" to some people. These are the people who would get in anyway, people who have been before and on past performances would be awarded an entry.
The reason is simple, it is to aid the process of elimination and acceptance in July. As you can imagine it is one hell of a hectic month from entry close date to confirmation date.(mid June-mid July)
There is NO NEED TO PANIC if you have not entered yet. The majority will still be dealt with in the same way.
Hope this helps with some peoples concerns.

Re: MGP ENTRY DONT PANIC - Anonymous - 29-04-2001

Thanks for the info Russ. I'll be sending my entries in next week, the bike is still mid restoration but at least it looks like a bike now and should be OK for the purposes of eligibilty pics!