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RVF400 Suspension - Anonymous - 30-04-2001

I have entered this years Manx GP on a RVF400. It currently has standard suspension and would be grateful of any advice on what, if anything, should be changed to ensure the bike copes with the demands of the IOM TT circuit.

Re: RVF400 Suspension - Anonymous - 03-05-2001

Is that MZ Kevin?
WOW Good Luck 'n' see you there!
Get in touch with KevinAgo Murphy
he's quick on 400 and has the info
you need, he's posted on TT message board for his email address.
Gail M

Re: RVF400 Suspension - Anonymous - 04-05-2001

Dave Mingle Dingle is a good source of info on these, also the Great John Lilley who rode a std one last year.
Depends on how fast you expect to go. for 100mph laps, std set up is good enough, time and money well spent in checking fundamentals like head & s/arm bearings etc.

All the best