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spare 600 anybody - Anonymous - 03-05-2001

does anybody know of a spare 600 for this years manx. 114ish mph rider looking desperatly for a bike.any ideas anybody?

Re: spare 600 anybody - Anonymous - 04-05-2001

Try buying one ??????????

Re: spare 600 anybody - Anonymous - 04-05-2001

after the leathers ,the 750, the ferry the petrol, the tyres blah blah i should be able to get a moped. gavin you have no idea what it costs to run a bike .get back on your push bike and go back to school. if i had the money i would have bought one.

Re: spare 600 anybody - Anonymous - 04-05-2001

Doctor, Doctor, can I have a sense of humour implant please.............

Thanks for thinking I'm so young to still be at school.

Check out <A HREF=""></A> to see who has no idea about the costs of runing a bike.

Good luck in finding a 600, perhaps a possibility of getting a machine that had been destined for the TT / North West ?



P.S. What's with the anonymous bit

Re: spare 600 anybody - Anonymous - 05-05-2001

I never found anybody to lend me a bike either, even when using my own name, going to talk to sponsors, publicising results, etc. Had to buy one in the end.

Life is sooo unfair!