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Lightweight MGP 07 - tobes - 15-08-2007

I know it is late in the day but today I have discovered I am without a bike for the 250 race, this is the second time I have had this unfortunate occurance in the last few weeks.

If anyone knows of a decent bike available I would be grateful for any assistance. As well as the disappointment of losing a ride ,I would hate to see the class suffer too as the entry seems to be depleting.

If anyone has any leads you can mail to



- Noddy - 17-08-2007

Didn't hear anything on the jungle drums, but best of luck Tony :wink:

- tobes - 18-08-2007

Cheers anyhow

- The Bag - 21-08-2007

Looks like Tonys got a ride, thats good news indeed.

- GriffMuss - 23-08-2007

Tony got to the startline but didn't get away :oops:
Fingers crossed for tonight!