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Manx GP 2007 Photos - - 01-09-2007

Hi All,

A good selection of photos from practice week and the first three races are on line now at - more to go on shortly !

If you cant see the rider/machine you are looking for, drop me an email - I got just about every competitor at some point during the fortnight !

Only another 265 days to go !

All the best

- - 05-09-2007

Hi all

Update on the website - last of the races have now been added at

As before - if you can't see what you are looking for, email me - I got just about everybody from the Manx this year !

All the best !

- - 08-09-2007

Hi All, has been updated with a new Junior Race page that actually works ! I hadn't noticed the photos weren't loading until Darwyn Young contacted me for pics of himself, so Thanks to Darwyn for the heads Up !