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help........ - alien - 04-09-2007

:cry: my first manx and loved it. Sadly I lost my hat that my sis bought me before she died. lost it at glen helen on the wednesday. can any one help...

- thewitch - 04-09-2007

Can you give us a description, alien... or better still a photo of you wearing it, which I will post on the site?

lost hat - alien - 04-09-2007

blck wool waffle effect beanie. Quiksilver.

- cargo - 04-09-2007

I've found lots of pictures of Quicksliver beanies but none described as "waffle effect"

lost hat - alien - 05-09-2007

thanx for your time cargo..... it is and old hat. thats maybe y u cudnt find any pics :roll:

- thewitch - 05-09-2007

Any clues, like where you were sitting, alien?

- alien - 09-09-2007

:roll: if u were stood in the car park at Glen Helen watching the bikes came from left to right. We were sat to the right down the road just at the little bridge where the marshals were at. We left there and sat at the tables at the side of the hotel in the sun. I know I had it then as I put it on the table. We then went and stood at the left hand side of the car park at the ropes to watch the next race. So I think I lost it some where in the car park