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IMPORTANT and URGENT - thewitch - 13-09-2007

- maggie - 14-09-2007

"a further flyer was produced which was handed out to everybody as they came through Scrutineering."

Well we did only make it to 3 Scrutineering sessions but we managed to miss this!! :shock:

- David Taylor - 14-09-2007


whilst the very small numbers of replies that you've had so far is somewhat disappointing, I urge you not to be too discouraged by the lack of response from the paddock.
Clearly some of this is down to pure laziness on our part, i.e. the competitors. However, I suspect part of the reason you may not have heard much is that many people I spoke to during the recent MGP believe that the problems confronting the Manx are not entirely of the MMCC's making. The fault lies elsewhere and therefore some people feel that there is no point in griping to the MMCC about matters beyond your control.
Even so, I have mentioned your request for information to everyone I know who has an interest in the continuance of the Manx and, hopefully, they'll see fit to respond to you sooner rather than later!

David Taylor

- maggie - 14-09-2007

Also, is there any way to "target" people who did the Manx in 2006 but not in 2007 and see if there's any common reason for riders not coming back this year?
Just a thought.
I will give a nudge to all of the riders I'm in contact with but I agree with the above, there were several people I spoke to, including some previous racers who were just back to spectate this year, who think there's nothing they can do to make a difference now. Sad

- shipleymanx - 14-09-2007

- thewitch - 14-09-2007

I think Harvey wants all your feedback, even where you think it is outwith the control of the MMCC... that will, presumably, give them arguments to go back with.
Keep going, folks, and if you know anyone who would like to comment, give them Harvey's address etc... even if they don't have a compuetr (ESPECIALLY, if they don't have a computer, in fact.
If you don't contribute, you won't have the right to complain later...

- Tomcat - 18-09-2007

I did reply to Harvey, shame more didn't. I also commented about matters that may be outside the MMCC's control (should they choose to stay with the current governing body....) because I think it's important that all issues are raised not just those that the respondent thinks the MMCC can address. If they aren't made aware of competitors' concerns how can they address them?

I must say though that by putting announcements on internet BB's and handing out some leaflets in the scroot queue they are not going to catch many people who would have a valid contribution to make, namely those not online and who didn't attend the event this year!

I appreciate the MMCC is proactively addressing this and full marks to Harvey for volunteering to do the donkey work but they really should WRITE to ALL riders and entrants from the last few years asking for their views. It's those guys, the ones who DIDN'T attend the Manx, who they need to be asking what needs to be done to bring them back. Perish the thought they could even get a questionnaire sent out with the ACU's monthly magazine (Sport Moto/whatever?)