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MGP 2007 Results Book - an old man returns - 20-09-2007

Is there going to be one?

Also do we know when Duke are to release the DVD with the MGP section on it??

- alf885 - 20-09-2007

I don't believe there will be a MGP DVD, instead coverage will be included on the Road racing Review 2007. alf

- Bill Snelling - 20-09-2007

The results book is (nearly) at the printers

- thewitch - 20-09-2007

You still here? You should be on holiday!!

- Bill Snelling - 21-09-2007

Going on Sunday - yipee!
Back late October, unless I can get five more lottery numbers than I got last week.

- thewitch - 21-09-2007

- Noddy - 23-09-2007

....Helen, you could still do the above and help by supporting the 2 Stroke Racing Supporters Club with membership for 2008 at the outragious sum of a tenner! - sure we even sponsored the 250 Class at the Southern! :wink: