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Former 2001 Senior MGP Competitor - Anonymous - 14-06-2001

As a result of the uncertainty regarding the 2001 Manx Grand Prix,my sponsor of my Senior machine has had enough of the indecision and withdrew his entries at 12.00 today.

I dont blame him-in fact I fully agree with him!Who wants to spend thousands of pounds and put in scores of hours of work only to be told at the last minute,"sorry lads,its all off"?Ive already played this waiting game with the TT.

Hopefully he will come back next year and we can go racing again in happier circumstances.But if the the Manx does go ahead,the Senior will be without the 500 Drixton Honda,7th last year,on the grid.

I know there are some who will be delighted at this news because they say it shouldnt be in the race at all.I also know of many people who loved the familiar sound of it being ridden in anger,audible for miles at a time-and with a Manx rider on board it.

Anyway,the bottom line is that there will be no Senior Classic ride for me this year.Unless anyone out there can help me with something competitive?I have many years experience in the Classic Manx Grand Prix lapping at just under 102mph last year on a bike almost six stone heavier than the winner.Ill consider anything as long as its competitive!! If anyone can help me ,please contact me by private e-mail
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Re: Former 2001 Senior MGP Competitor - Anonymous - 14-06-2001

Hi Barry,
We totally support your sponsor's views.To leave all competitors in the lurch is unfofgivable.We love your island and all the "LOCALS ",but somebody is being severely influenced by MONEY.They deserve to lose all the support of the racing fraternity and the financial rewards that are brought to the island.It's now or never,and we will NOT be held to ransom.Hilary.