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MGPRA - Anonymous - 20-06-2001

Can anyone give me the address for the MGPRA Secretary? I'm a member,but moved house some 12 years ago and didn't tell them (no I wasn't hiding!) I would like to get back on the mailing list for the newsletter.
Last I heard, Rambling George was the man . . .

Re: MGPRA - Anonymous - 20-06-2001

would that be gorgeous george ridgeon?!

Re: MGPRA - Anonymous - 20-06-2001

I have a feeling that the Secretary is:

Keith Trubshaw, 2 Majestic Drive, Onchan, Isle of Man
Tel: 01624-6661651

As an ex-Manx Grand Prix Competitor and currently one of the Travelling Marshals, if he isn't actually Secretary, Keith should be able to point you in the right direction.

Re: MGPRA - Anonymous - 20-06-2001

Thank you James!

Re: MGPRA - Anonymous - 20-06-2001

Gloucester's best, the flying fireman and a good mate of ours -- who else could it possibly be, Helen? I hesitate to ask this,but do you know him well?

Re: MGPRA - Anonymous - 21-06-2001

What a chancer he is! Tried to sit in my lap the first time I finished at the Southern. Got his picture taken doing it!
In answer to your question..probably not as well as he would have liked!!
Seriously, we need characters like George, don't we.
Many years ago, before he was injured, I remember him phoning his Mum from the Square in Castleton on prizegiving night. I was at the diametrically opposite corner, and heard the conversation clearly...a quiet, reclusive shy chap, he is!!