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2001 Manx Grand Prix - Anonymous - 22-06-2001

I read that the decision on the running of the MGP 2001 will be made on 20 July 2001. Just three and a half week before quite a few teams are due to set sail (IOMSPC). I fail to see the basis of such a short period of notice will serve. Following the fiasco of the almost TT and the do not come for the races but come anyway, put that view together with the ongoing 'Come to the IOM' advertising push where the IOM welcomes you. I certainly feels as though the sportsmen and women are required for the financial stability of the Island, not for the sport but for their finances.
Does the action of the MHKs not seem to be 'let the impending TT/MGP competitors dangle for as long as possible thus leaving no time to alter plans (tourist board rubbing fagin like hands) and provide a late carrot to leave the funds with the IOMSPC (rubbing lots of fagin like hands and popping ballons) to pay for next year. I for one feel used, bemused and betrayed.

Re: 2001 Manx Grand Prix - Anonymous - 22-06-2001


As Meat Loaf once said "you took the words right out of my mouth".

Re: 2001 Manx Grand Prix - Anonymous - 23-06-2001

Is the 2001 Manx going ahead?

Re: 2001 Manx Grand Prix - Anonymous - 23-06-2001