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Comeback!!!! - Anonymous - 27-06-2001

As you will have read else where on this web site Team Cargo Road Racing make their come back at Dundalk Road Races this coming weekend. We have entered 6 races at Dundalk and are looking forward to practice on Saturday.

Team manager Cargo said today that "it's been a long year since the crash and the F&M outbreak has not helped we did think about racing at one of the short circiuts but rejected that cos they are rubbish".

Team sponser Cargo said that "despite the huge costs involved in road racing there was never any question of pulling the plug both bikes are ready to go and no expense has been spared in repairing the 400"

Team doctor Cargo passed Cargo fit to ride weeks ago he said today that "Cargos arm is 100% and should not cause any problems"

Team mechanic Cargo has fitted trays and mushrooms to the bikes this week to meet strange new regs.

Team psychiatrist Cargo said "his (Cargo) mental state is very finely balanced if he doesn't get a huge adrenalin fix this weekend I can't be held responsible for his actions"

Team cook and bottle washer Cargo said "I'm knackered why does all this last minute suff need done NOW"

Team mascot Shane said "gurrgle gurrgle parrrrrrrrrrrrrrp parrrp "

Team rider Cargo gets the last word "I want to thank everyone for all their help and support over the past year especially the staff at the Royal Victoria Hospital who looked after me after the crash and also Dr Fred McSorley who attended the crash, there only 3 days to wait now and we're ready to gooooo."

One last thing a big thank you to Sandy whose support and help has helped me to get fit and back racing. I would not have done it with out her.
A free Team Cargo sticker for all board regulars who come and say hello in the paddock at Dundalk and Skerries.
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Re: Comeback!!!! - Anonymous - 27-06-2001

Wish i could be there to see the comeback, Cargo. Make it less spectacular than the last outing...keep her upright, and give her welly.
PS See you at the Manx, Shane, keep an eye on the old man!

Re: Comeback!!!! - Anonymous - 27-06-2001

Cargo, it is my understanding that Sandy wanted you back to full fitness for her own reasons...............

All the best for the weekend, 6 races make sure you don't get dizzy1