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Newcomers comp winners - Anonymous - 03-07-2001


Ah well at least some good news for these few on this sad day.

The winners of the <A HREF=""></A> competitions are:

Sprint Damper Ken Davis

Trikbitz Paddock Stand Helen Gibson

Wiz Sliders Jacquie Dawson

Tyrsox tyre warmers Jayne March

Activ 8 Martin Harland

These prizes will still be issued as far as I'm aware and the lucky people have been informed by e-mail.
Russ Henley

Re: Newcomers comp winners - Anonymous - 10-07-2001

Any ETA on my good news damper Russ.

Re: Newcomers comp winners - Anonymous - 12-07-2001

I'll be getting it from Sprint early next week so hopefully by Thursday at latest>
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