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Fancy a night out? - Anonymous - 08-08-2001

Are you planning to "come over for the Manx"this year? Or are you on the Island already looking for a get together?

The Joey Dunlop Injured Riders Fund would like to see you all on Sunday 26th August for an evening of good fun and good company,and hopefully the chance to raise a few bob.

Watch this space for further details very soon..........

Re: Fancy a night out? - Anonymous - 12-08-2001

Please let us know and we will come.
Anything else going on during the week ?
I am sure lots of people would like to know.

Re: Fancy a night out? - Anonymous - 12-08-2001

Hi Terry,
I don't know of anything else that is on ,but we are looking forward to a good night at Molly's Kitchen in Onchan on Sunday 26th Aug.
Full details are on the main notice board.
Hope to see you there.