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FREE PUBLICITY - Anonymous - 23-09-2001


Are you or do you know somebody who has not been racing very long, who maybe would like to race on the roads ie TT and MGP??
Would like they like a feature on both this site and maybe manxnewcomers?
If so e-mail me and we'll get things sorted.

Re: FREE PUBLICITY - Anonymous - 24-09-2001

I'm a fit 22 year old 6'2" blonde with plenty of riding experience - what can you do for me?

Re: FREE PUBLICITY - Anonymous - 27-09-2001

Russ ,Have you gone all shy theres been no reply to the last message

Re: FREE PUBLICITY - Anonymous - 02-10-2001

Hi Russ me 'ol mate.

Don't know if you have heard from Helen Gibson yet but she is now the official team manager of Team BMOT sidecar. It will comprise of Me and Kev Iddon racing a Baker TZ350 in the UK and Scotland and anywhere else we can afford in 2002 with the view to gain experience and eventually get a 600 for the TT and Southern.

As you may or maynot know I have been passengering for 12 years inc TT, Southern and UGP but have now decided to take to the bars with a total novice passenger but we have a whole shedload of much so I have already driven this year and spat the my first passenger off...yes I went to the Billy Quayle school of passengering.

Any help we could get to promote ourselves would be greatly appreciated. If you need anything more now then please let me know or speak to Helen.



Re: FREE PUBLICITY - Anonymous - 02-10-2001

Hi Russ...Fitz got there first (keep that up, my boy)
Any chance of lifting the ttwebsite story and putting it on yours too..I know there's no sidecars at the Manx...been a gripe of mine for years....but they are newcomers.
Keep up the good work.

Re: FREE PUBLICITY - Anonymous - 05-10-2001

Male or Female!!!!!!
Hey they come much shyer than me!!
(User Above) Wrote::-)

Re: FREE PUBLICITY - Anonymous - 05-10-2001


I've replied to fitz via e-mail and when the article goes on ttwebsite , I will if you like do a little introduction on my site and link it straight to the ttwebsite story.
Things will take a little while as I'm a bit busy at the mo, but I will get you done asap>

Re: FREE PUBLICITY - Anonymous - 05-10-2001

Thanks and good luck with the endurance racing...sounds like fun!