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2002 MGP - Anonymous - 16-04-2002

Now that the entry acceptances are out I am sure interest will now begin to grow again. From what I hear the rider support for the MGP is very high it is a shame though that commercial support for the event is relied upon from the few rather than the many. Not all competitors wish to ride the TT but pay for the privilage of riding the MGP. Whatever the answer is I am sure this years MGP will be a great event.

Re: 2002 MGP - Anonymous - 17-04-2002

Yes , well I'm looking forward to the return of some racing there this year!
I really look forward to riding in MGP, and prefer
it to TT more relaxed and better weather most of the time!
Still some day I will do the TT!
I do enjoy the TT more from a spectator kind of view and helping my mate!
Wish her luck, Anita Buxton in the 400 race.