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Who's Who?? - Anonymous - 26-04-2002

Hi gang,

I've just returned to the world of Email etc and will be racing in the UL on a NC30. Finished 6th in the newcomers in 2000.
Recognise Gail, Hiya!!
But, what of the rest?
I've started so let's see who's who and racing what with what experience etc

Re: Who's Who?? - Anonymous - 26-04-2002

Hi Steve:- Im hoping to join you in the Ultra Lt/wt on an RS125 bit at the moment ive been "held in abeyance until after close of entries" so I dont know if ive got a ride yet. Did MGP 1974 - 1987, finished 14th in Lt/wt in 1986 (replica) and 2nd in Classic Lt/wt in 1983. Packed in racing in 1992, restarted in 1997 so im a "comeback" rider. Ride a 125 reasonably regularly on English circuits. Profile on "user profiles".

Hey Ammo - Anonymous - 27-04-2002

In 2000 the year after I won the Classic Lightweight,my entry was held in abeyance.I was puzzled at this but thought no more about it until the entries closed.I was accepted for both races.

Do you know Dave Vale and Bob his mechanic? Do you know if Dave will be doing the Manx this year? Haven't heard from him for a long time.He missed the last couple of Manxes through no fault of his own.He's still a possible top three man for the Lightweight,even if he WAS racing when I went to Primary School!!

Pass on my good wishes if you know them.Isn't Bob from your home town??

Nice one, keep em comin! - Anonymous - 28-04-2002

Great to get the ball rolling, you never quite know who is who when your in the paddock. I set off with Bud Jackson and Bruno Le Roy in few practice sessions last time - dead chuffed but if i hadn't watched the MGP99 video i would never have known who they where. Suffice to say i lost them at Bradden!
I'll look you up Ammo, for some tips etc!

Re: Hey Ammo - Anonymous - 28-04-2002

Yep, youre right Barry, Bob (Willis) is from my home town, Newark, Notts. We used to live just down the road from each other when we were young(er). Ive known Bob for, I think 34 years, but I aint telling you how old he was when we met! He'll be coming to the Manx with me if I get in , we'll be staying in his caravan in the paddock. Dave Vale had to sell his Yamaha (money problems) so, if he wants to do the Manx again he'd have to sort a bike out, but I dont think he'll be doing it in the forseeable future. Bob still looks after the bike for the bloke who bought it though and it still goes ok.

Re: Hey Ammo - Anonymous - 01-05-2002

No entry or acknowledgement so far but hoping to be out in the Senior Classic this year for the first time. Done the Manx 5 times, newcomer in 86. Replica in the 88 Junior, last outing in the 96 Senior where I got round at a modest 104 on a knackered CBR6.

Holiday racer and proud of it!

Re: Hey Ammo - Anonymous - 01-05-2002

104 well done Des, a classic lap at that will be scarey eh! lets hope you get your entry