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Which class would you choose? - Racers viewpoint - Anonymous - 28-04-2002

I have to borrow a bike for the Manx (std NC30)and i think it's about time i bought one!

With the TT introducing the 600 prod i am swaying to a std R6 to race in next years MGP jr/snr and move to the TT. But, i like the u/l as the 600 class seems to be Kamikaze-ish, expensive and full of rich boys!

What class would be a good affordable stepping stone to the TT without having to buy a new bike all the time?

Re: Which class would you choose? - Racers viewpoi - Anonymous - 29-04-2002


Been in exactly the same predicament myself this year. Needed to get rid of my TZ250 because didn't want to risk a 2 stroke round the Island, so either wanted a 600 or 400. 400's tend to be more expensive and older, and picking up modern 600's is easy, but as you say even at club level it is kamikaze-ish. The winners do tend to have spent a fortune though in 600's. I've opted for a FZR400RRSP, which I picked up last week, and reckon it will be easier to learn the course on than a 600. I used to race an NC30 and won a few club races on it, and really rate them. Only problem is their over 10 years old now. I wanted an NC35, but to they are expensive to buy and get sorted. Go for a 400 though! - more fun


Tim sayers

Re: Which class would you choose? - Racers viewpoi - Anonymous - 29-04-2002

Your opinion of 600 riders is very strange, obviously the prospect or racing in a class that provides the closest type of racing is not for you. Rich boys eh? never heard that one. If you race to win (in any class) you will make the effort to secure the best machinery you can afford, to race, to be competative, to compete at ones true ability is whats is all about.

HEY STEVE - Anonymous - 29-04-2002

Well said Ken, My opinion of you has just risen never seen you smile on the way home from a meeting though yet. (your profile)
Rich Boys ehh!!
We are not ALL rich Steve.
Some of us are just dedicated, and give a lot of our time and money (some might say to much) doing what we enjoy.
My family have gone without a hell of a lot of my time & most of the modern day comforts, i have lost a lot of friends, but then agian made a lot, during my 8 years in this sport.
So if you really want to do it Steve, get your head down and lets have no more whinges.
And by the way Steve,at the risk of upsetting a few people, these boards are very clicky,and if you dont go along with what they think, they tend to ignore you.
All the best & good luck
Mr Annon.(Know who it is yet Ken)

Re: HEY STEVE - Anonymous - 29-04-2002

Hi Steve -
The only piece of advice i can give u is follow your heart mate. You can listen to tales of woe and glory all day, been there done that got the
t-shirt. This whole sport is full of doers and dreamers mate. How can you take advice from some one who hides behind annonaminity.
Ride the VFR, get an aftermarket can for her and learn and enjoy. The 600's is a money class at the top end anyway, and the majority of us are a few slates short. The only difference between the 600 and the 400 is the 600 has more top end and bhp for the straights and climbs. At the end of the day it's the pilot that counts, chocks away.

Re: HEY STEVE - Anonymous - 30-04-2002

Mr Annon??
No can't place you, maybe you finish behind me. He He.

As I am old and feeble a better clue may be helpfull

Whooaa thar! - Anonymous - 30-04-2002

In my search for advice to MAINTAIN my winning racing career (2 club championships, New Era Champion of Champions and 6th place MGP debut,in 3 years).
I ask i simple question and get a load of tosh, with exception to Tim and Phil of course. I am new to the Island and acknowledge the challange, i want to win there one day as i have on every major track in the UK at club level. Unlike yourselves however i do not charge in and gob off. I assess the feedback (ie THE REASON FOR THE QUESTION IN THE FIRST PLACE!) and will make a balanced decision based on what is feasible. I would love to take the bait and get a 600 just to blow you away, as that seems to be your mentality, but as they say, you seem to have mistaken me for someone who gives a toss!

So, thanks for the input, it helped no end?

Re: Whooaa thar! - Anonymous - 01-05-2002

Nice to read a sensible response Steve, NOT !!!. Your statement 'rich boys' shows an underlying feeling of resentment and nothing else. Your 'get me a 600 and blow you off' a little immature don't ya think. Racing is the sport we all enjoy, on what ever level. The point being made, but one you seem to miss, is that racing is just that. to compete and make the best of your effort is a personal goal to achieve. So there you have it, less of the puerile rantings and enjoy yourself on the island. Whatever and whichever way you feel does your capabilities justice.

Re: Whooaa thar! - Anonymous - 01-05-2002

So there you go again Kenny shootin from lip, trying to show a sense of maturity and knowledge with the use of the English language. Please spare us the psychology lesson for it is you that miss the point. Here is a fellow racer who has told us his history and his pedigree is clear for us all to see. You show a short track attitude, very cloak and dagger (perhaps the 600 attitide that was referred to earlier. The island is not about that mate, this paddock is the only place in the world where fellow competitors will, would and have bent over backwards to help each other, but not you. It begs the question WHY? At the end of the day knowledge is power and your not coming across as all conquering. Lighten up mate as bikers, we're all one big HAPPY family.

(yaaawwwwnn) Oh dear oh dear oh dear - Anonymous - 02-05-2002

Purile rantings, now come on Victor.
I open a simple post requesting information and you turn it into a childish slanging match. You failed to offer anthing constructive and seem intent on nit picking, taking everything literally.
Underlying resentment, i think not! i have a lot friends in the 600 class and have raced one at Mallory, i have a lot of respect for all racers, you have too. But not those with 5K engine tunes and 732 motors.
So, take the blinkers off mate, engage (or find) a sense of humour and do your thing, whatever it is.
You don't have to share your 600 championship/IOM winning secret, i mean you must have WON every class throughout your esteemed career to be so knowledgable and quick to dismiss others opinions.

(something tells me this is going to be a tit for tat, lasting forever and getting boring very very quickly thing)

Re: (yaaawwwwnn) Oh dear oh dear oh dear - Anonymous - 02-05-2002

Yes, but its more interesting than 400 racing.

Re: (yaaawwwwnn) Oh dear oh dear oh dear - Anonymous - 02-05-2002

Apologies to anyone reading these messages. I seem to have upset someone.
Shooting from the hip, not really just took exception to the rich boy statement, I put heart and sole and whatever I can drum up into racing. Maybe right maybe wrong. Sorry if my comment were over strong but sometimes you read something and OH WELL.
As for helping, I have done the bending over backwards for other competitors for years, some respond with thanks others just smile and sh** on you later. No I am not a championship winner or proclaim to be anything other than a competitore.
Again APOLOGIES, enjoy your racing. This thread has ended

You don't get away that easy! - Anonymous - 02-05-2002

Only kiddin!!!!

Fancy a pint then?

Re: You don't get away that easy! - Anonymous - 02-05-2002

Orr just when it was getting interesting.
I will have a pint of Okells please Steve.
Oh and by the way PJ, no need to be sanctimonious, I wasnt really giving advice, just trying to make a statement.
Regards Mr Annon.(now the end of thread)

Re: HEY STEVE - Anonymous - 06-05-2002

Ah, Tim Sayers, now let me see, if I remember correctly are you not the authorative on machine preparation? It was you, wasn't it that bought an FZR 400 and never heard it running before setting off for the seaside and isn't it true that a fully sponsored 600cc ride (including a machine of your choice) was offered to you but is Sarah still not confident of your ability to compete at that level? Or does the 600cc Manx GP clash with her planned shopping excursion to Meadow Hall?

I wish to pass on my full respect to you, since you must be the only person to have obtained a national licence, using a different machine at every meeting!!!

PS - Where's my 100 quid - t**t!

Re: HEY STEVE - Anonymous - 13-05-2002

Ah.. George Wilson. I can think of 3 race bikes he has owned - CBR, GSXR and F2 Sidecar. If memory serves me correct these were extensively used by George during the 90's in his allustrious road race career. Oh, no ... got it wrong, he didn't use any of them once and retired to a trials bike.

Re: HEY STEVE - Anonymous - 13-05-2002

I need to hear more of this saga

Re: HEY STEVE - Anonymous - 13-05-2002

Re: HEY STEVE - Anonymous - 13-05-2002

Re: HEY STEVE - Anonymous - 13-05-2002

Mr Sayers,

Thank you for your kind offer of compensation. I intend to keep what started out as a bit of fun - as fun. Timmy, there is no threat of anything, you should know me by now I was only teasing you! Please sell all your NC 30 parts and fund your Manx 2002 entry. Give me a ring if you like, I don't want to fall out over nothing.

PS Do you need pit crew for the Manx? XXX