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Re: HEY STEVE - Anonymous - 14-05-2002

After all this discussion I think the best bike for the Manx would be a FZR400RRSP, but to increase reliability and performance it is better to tune it by having a leaky fork seal and a dodgy rear wheel bearing. This produces a good balance between the front and rear of the bikes suspension to soak up all the bumps on the course. Extensive testing also shows that this combination works especially well with a completely shot battery for that extra 10bhp on the downhill sections.

Re: HEY STEVE - Anonymous - 14-05-2002


'You can be my fuel man, anytime'

'Bullsh* can be mine!'

(Queue Top gun music)

Your help would be very much appreciated


Re: HEY STEVE - Anonymous - 14-05-2002

Dear Mr Anon

I believe the best way to squeeze extra performance out of the machine is to purchase a new 1000cc machine, and then entrust this to an 8 stone weakling to take to scrutineering. He is then likely to drop the bike causing extensive damage. This will subsequently help the bike to win a Darley championship.

Re: HEY STEVE - Anonymous - 14-05-2002

Maybe it wasn't the "adjustments" to the bike but the extra adrenaline flowing round the owners body that produced the win. Will try the same for you at the Manx if you want!

Re: Which class would you choose? - Racers viewpoi - Anonymous - 16-05-2002

A TZ needn't be a risk around the Island. At least if the engine goes pop they are generally easy enough to rebuild in a day, whereas the highly tuned 400's etc drop a valve and that's your fornight over. Unless like so many you bring a spare engine.

George Wilson - Anonymous - 21-05-2002

No, I don't want involved! I am seeking said name in connection with a book on Kirkcaldy Motorcycle Club History, and am trying to find George Wilson, Journalist for The Motor Cycle during the 50's and 60's. Are you him, or related? please get in touch. Yours in Sport, Jake Drummond KDMC.