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1 bike or 2 - Anonymous - 13-05-2002

Hi there, I'm currently a MGP virgin, somthing that I'm hoping to put right this August. What I was wondering was does anyone have any advice re the wisdom of entering anything and everthing possible to gain circuit experience v's concentrating on just one bike.

Re: 1 bike or 2 - Anonymous - 13-05-2002

I would concentrate on just one bike, the one your most at ease riding. There is plenty enough to take in without the extreme of two bikes.
Which ever way you chose enjoy the course.

Re: 1 bike or 2 - Anonymous - 13-05-2002

Concentrate on one bike and do all your races on that, its easier.

One, definately! - Anonymous - 14-05-2002

Gotta agree with Kenny and Ammo, one bike is enough as a newcomer.
I was a newcomer in 2000 and it took me ten laps to get the start to Ballcraine sussed! If you did two bikes you would confuse the hell out of yourself, better doing laps in the van and focussing on the one bike.

See you there

Steve McD

Re: One, definately! - Anonymous - 16-05-2002

If you've got a spare bike eligible for the same class, bring it in case S*** happens. Otherwise i must agree with the others. It is so much to take in as a Newcomer that swapping bikes can really mess your head up.

Re: 1 bike or 2 - Anonymous - 16-05-2002

If youre coming on a 2 stroke, rebuild it before you come,keep some revs in hand in practice and ride to finish in the race, theres nothing more disappointing than not finishing in your first year, I know, it happened to me the first year I rode there. If you look on the home page of this site and click on LINKS youll find a site for Manx newcomers that should help you.


Re: 1 bike or 2 - Anonymous - 17-05-2002

Thanks everyone for all the advice, I think I'll stick with just the 600 for this year and who knows if I come back next year I might go for a couple to get the extra laps in.

All the best, Rob