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ADMIN - Anonymous - 18-07-2002

Can a table be compiled into which riders numbers are entered, as and when they are submitted to this site.

I am No.6 in the Lightweight and No.50 in the Junior. So come on, who is No. 5 and No. 49 respectively?

See you all there


Re: ADMIN - Anonymous - 18-07-2002

Gavin Give Brian Mateer a ring re Lightweight??

Gavin - Anonymous - 20-07-2002

Remember Quarterbridge!!!
Have you done much racing lately?
See you in less than four weeks!!!!!!!!
AND I have to stay in front of Cargo!!AND

Re: Gavin - Anonymous - 22-07-2002


Thanks about the reminder on QB, I have a feeling that I'll never be allowed to forget that one. I was over at the weekend with my friend and Newcomer, Alan Taylor who will be in the 250 class. Put in quite a few laps in the car and glad to say it all made sense after 2 years.

Now, 4 more weeks of training and bike prepping. See you all there!