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acu handbook - Anonymous - 19-07-2002

Does anyone know what "ACU handbook 2002 p177 Standing Regulation 2.24 Brakes" is all about????????

Re: acu handbook - Anonymous - 19-07-2002

Nope, but Ill find out for you Cargo. Wheres it say that then?

Re: acu handbook - Anonymous - 19-07-2002


You can run two lines from the master cylinder, one to each caliper, or one down to a split and then one to each from there. However the split must be above the lowest fork brace. So you cant run a line down to one caliper and then a loop over to the other.

Re: acu handbook - Anonymous - 19-07-2002

Regulation 2.24:-
"BRAKES. For motorcycles fitted with 2 front disc brakes the split of the front brake lines for both front brake calipers must be made above the lower fork bridge."

If you like you can download the full ACU Handbook and the National Sporting Code of the ACU from their website <A HREF=""></A>, who knows, you could find it handy.