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MGP 2002 - Anonymous - 08-08-2002

Does anyone have a starting list for MGP 2002.
Not long now, any information on resurfacing, new signs etc etc, I am sure the information would be welcome

Re: MGP 2002 - Anonymous - 08-08-2002

Been over recently Ken, May Hill resurfaced and a lot better, you'll see for yourself in a week's time!!!

Did you get sorted with the bike?

See you soon


Re: MGP 2002 - Anonymous - 09-08-2002

Completed the replacement last night, all appears fine but unable to ride the thing until MGP. Fingers crossed.
What are your start numbers Gav

Re: MGP 2002 - Anonymous - 10-08-2002

Well done Ken, I'm just on my way out to the garage to turn a pile of parts into a bike! I'm number 55 in the Junior and 6 in the lightweight. I reckon a replica will be difficult for me on the Junior this year, the speeds are bound to be up with so many of the "professional" amateur MGP riders taking in the proddy races at the TT!

See you there