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Re-fuelling ramps - Anonymous - 08-08-2002

Am I right in thinking that ramsp to get the bikes horizontal in the pit lane whilst re-fuelling have been banned? What was the craic with this during TT?

See you all soon


Re: Re-fuelling ramps - Anonymous - 08-08-2002

Youre quite right, refuelling ramps have been banned, it says so in the regs.

Re: Re-fuelling ramps - Anonymous - 09-08-2002

Presumably so have 5 man pit crews. Are we still talking about the MGP or the alternate rule book of the TT (sic)

Re: Re-fuelling ramps - Anonymous - 13-08-2002

Have to say I preferred having 2 man pit crews. A lot less hectic round the bike when you stop and also safer in the pits I think.