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Weather - thewitch - 09-08-2008

Rain, rain, more rain and some nasty wind too (must have been the beans).
The 5 day forecast is awful, so lets hope the days after that are different or we will be having powerboat races.

Anyone know a good weather spell?smilie

RE: Weather - thewitch - 09-08-2008

Just had a thought... could this be the Chinese Olympic authorities sending us the weather they don't want....Evilsmilie

RE: Weather - andy21aa - 09-08-2008

thewitch Wrote:Anyone know a good weather spell?smilie

A raindance backwards? Just a thought Bonk

RE: Weather - sticky - 09-08-2008

The Beeb are suggesting that the last two weeks of the month should be ok! Can I suggest that the Manxies on this forum choose a suitable sun God and sacrifice an MHK of their choice in said God's honour?

RE: Weather - thewitch - 09-08-2008

Does it have to be an MHK? I have a couple of ideas......................

RE: Weather - Chris Maybury - 09-08-2008

I was looking (with nostalgia) at the Manx radio Web cams this morning. It was pretty grim.
I noticed that some of the Ferries had been delayed due to bad weather.Sad

RE: Weather - thewitch - 09-08-2008

It cleared for the afternoon, which was good news for the 150th Royal Manx Agricultural show at Sulby, but now it's back raining again. Miserable...

RE: Weather - thewitch - 09-08-2008

Wow, it's about 10.45, and for the past hour we have had incredible thunder and lightning, and now torrential rain. The noise is amazing!
As a lover of T&L, I have been in my element, with the electricity making my hair stand on end at one point before the rain came!
Well soaked, so I think it's time to quit!
Perhaps that's the raingods had their tantrum, and now we can get nice weather for the next few weeks???

RE: Weather - thewitch - 10-08-2008

Well, I can only suggest all of you bring snowshoes, umbrellas, bikinis and suncream. Since I got up at 6, we have had glorious sunshine (twice), torrential rain (once) and a gale... all the time!
At the moment it is glorious....

RE: Weather - ali - 10-08-2008

That was some thundering and lightening last night,
most of our street was out watching, until the heavy rain came down.

RE: Weather - thewitch - 10-08-2008

I was watching the fire engines heading off in both directions... one just went 100 yards up the road! The fog made such a strange effect with the lightning.
Think my neighbours are now fully convinced of my madness... standing in the pouring rain, watching!!

RE: Weather - thewitch - 10-08-2008|IM|IM---|DOUGLAS&metric=1

Some good news and some not so good... I'll wait and see...

RE: Weather - David Linsdell - 10-08-2008

thewitch Wrote:|IM|IM---|DOUGLAS&metric=1

Some good news and some not so good... I'll wait and see...

I've seen worse forecasts for the Manx - it'll do what it'll do. Fingers crossed... Smile

RE: Weather - cargo - 10-08-2008

Generally forecasts for Manx weather are less than accurate.
I love Manx weather and throughly enjoy the whole will it/ won't it.....

I've lost count of how many times I've guessed wrong..............but that smug feeling from getting it right and not taking the bike to scruts is lovely...................

It will rain blow and sunshine for two weeks...............easy really.

RE: Weather - Chris Maybury - 11-08-2008

thewitch Wrote:|IM|IM---|DOUGLAS&metric=1

Some good news and some not so good... I'll wait and see...

Surely, the "DOUGLAS" forecast is meaningless for the mountain course, as proven over the last 100 years.BonksmilieRolleyesSmile

RE: Weather - thewitch - 11-08-2008

That's true, Chris, but if it's pouring rain in Douglas, it's unlikely to be racing weather on the mountain.

RE: Weather - sticky - 11-08-2008

The beeb are forecasting a sunny day for this coming Friday - just in time Tongue

So, which MHK got sacrificed then? Haven't heard much from Mr E lately Wink

RE: Weather - Bill Snelling - 11-08-2008

sticky Wrote:So, which MHK got sacrificed then? Haven't heard much from Mr E lately Wink

Mr E was on the boat back with us last Wednesday after spending a few days away on his 600 Kwacka.

Super run round with the Vintage run on Gilberto yesterday, riding gear still wet from going to Tromode on Saturday morning to get it through the test - flippin' heck did it come down!

Need to sacrifice more before next Saturday, how about the collective, unelected MLC cabbal?

RE: Weather - sticky - 11-08-2008

Can I politely suggested suggest that anyone in IOM authority that has EVER used the phrase 'in the interests of health & safety' have their weasand slit and their entrails wound out on a sharpened stick?

They can meet their maker safe in the knowledge that the Manx has taken place in good weather thus making the world a better place, if only for two weeks Wink

RE: Weather - thewitch - 11-08-2008

Crikey... I'm not crossing you!!!
My spells are much less gory, but perhaps not so effective!smilie