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RE: dropping of oil - tripod - 09-09-2008

I fail to see the problem, sidecars have used oil absorbent for years. On a solo you can use double sided tape to secure it to the inside of the fairing and having oil absorbent lining the fairing must be better than nothing at all.

As regards unfaired bikes, well they will just have to have a covering around the bottom of the engine with oil absorbent inside.

Please note some of the absorbent pads absorb oil and water, these are useless. You must use the ones that absorb only oil.

The cheapest option when purchasing is for several riders to club together to buy a pack of 100 pads.

This may not stop all oil from getting on the track but if it saves one life then it can't be wrong.

RE: dropping of oil - cargo - 09-09-2008

As ever the team here at TTwebsite are on the ball and well ahead of the game.
I have sourced these pads available online in the UK

I reckon these will do the job very nicely and come at £50.82 delivered for 100 pads. each one will soak up 1.46 litres of oil so 2 or 3 should cover a modern bikes full oil capacity.

There are other ones that are cheaper but don't hold as much oil.

RE: dropping of oil - cargo - 09-09-2008

Just found packs of 25 delivered for £28.91 same site

RE: dropping of oil - Chris Maybury - 10-09-2008

Are there any known "Rates of Absorbtion" for the materials as a fast dump of oil may allow spillage before it can be soaked up?

On a fast moving bike, what effect on oil containment does the wind blast have?

RE: dropping of oil - Gstarron - 12-09-2008

Hi all..! This is a good subject to discuss, in fact any (all) safety concerns should be discussed, and the appropriate people need to hear the concerns and do what they think is best... after all NO ONE wants to see any one get hurt... And as usual there is a cause and effect.... that needs to be looked at. And yes some bikes are easy and some are difficult.. Sadly the ones that are the most difficult (wet sump types) are the ones that need it the most. But they all need it.. IMNSHO....

How effective is it all..? dunno.. worth checking.. and besause bikes lean far over in the turns, perhaps this needs consideration as well... it all does.

As for oil lines, well, to some degree that is part of the Scrutineering.... On my bike, I use the best oil lines I could find, they are clamped AND lockwired as well. Same with my fuel lines. My fuel lines are modern hose used on fuel injected cars, they have an inner liner, expensive, but..... (guess I need a bladder in my fuel tank for next year...).

Any single bolt going to oil is lockwired, and any plate secured by two bolts or less is lockwired.

Here is the oil rule by another (state side) rule book...

" Oil Containment" - Oil containment systems are required on all roadracing machines. Oil containement pans on wet sump engines must be designed to hold the capacity of the engine sump with a nominal reserve. Material used must be durable, fastened safely and removable for inspection if required. The pan must have a retaining dam at the rear. Two stroke and dry sump machines must use a pan with a minimum capacity of one quart, or approved oil absorbing material with a screen backing and fastened securely. Oil absorbing material, securely retained in the bottom of the pan, is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED. Oil containment systems are subject to approval by tech inspection."

I will also add that the "diaper" should reduce the "sloshing" effect. My bike is still about 3 plus weeks from being home, at which time I will do some testing, not really scientiffic, but I want to know....

Keep the comments coming, plus or minus... all good reading..!


Ron (guess I now owe Cargo TWO pints...).

RE: dropping of oil - Tomcat - 16-09-2008

Chris Maybury Wrote:Are there any known "Rates of Absorbtion" for the materials as a fast dump of oil may allow spillage before it can be soaked up?

On a fast moving bike, what effect on oil containment does the wind blast have?

I think anyone who saw the TV coverage of Haga's oil spill and ensuing carnage at the recent Donington WSB round will already know the answer to that.

Link to (excellent by the way) coverage - click race 1 and watch em go down!