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No racing today! - thewitch - 05-09-2008

It has rained hard almost all day. The wind has been wild too, and tore down my tomato house, complete with tomatoes. Evil
I was outside for about 10 minutes clearing up and I was soaked to the skin.smilie

RE: No racing today! - boakesey - 05-09-2008

My landlord's building an extension on the back of "my" house and has got to the stage where he has to join the roof of the new bit onto the existing roof - and that means cutting a hole where they meet and slotting the new slates in etc...

.... so there I was, having a lovely warm, bubbly bath whilst listening to the wind and torrential rain outside, when




.... down my back - FREEZING COLD rainwater!

Darn thing is leaking and my "bath" ended up being a shower!


Looks like we were both soaked to the skin, Helen!

RE: No racing today! - Splashdown - 05-09-2008

You would not believe that the weather this week could have been worse than last week. But this is the traditional Manx week of old. Don't think there would have been much racing going on this week. There was precious little last week.
I was chatting to Phil Taubman in the beer tent on Saturday, and he quite rightly had a smug smile on his face. "It's going to be a great week next week according to the forecast", said Phil!!
And when I sailed away on Sunday evening to a beautiful sunset, I thought be had been given good info.
Moral to this story? Don't trust the Met Office to the word. Phil may have got the racing away on Friday if they had been ignored.