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Mrs Scone Ranger - cargo - 18-09-2008

According to a certain other website..............Brian The Scone Ranger Spooner is getting married................. Yahoo

Question is...................or should I say questions are

When ?
Where ?
Why ?
Is she off her head ?
Will there be a giant scone with cream and jam instead of a cake ?

And more importantly will I get an invite.................?

RE: Mrs Scone Ranger - thewitch - 18-09-2008

....and you'll all need to buy hats... except me, I'll wear my usual onesmilieClangrats!

RE: Mrs Scone Ranger - The Bag - 20-09-2008

As The Bestman, I can confirm that the above statement is true as confirmed by Liz from her hospital bed in Walsall General Hospital head injuries department Bonk

Brian The Scone Ranger Spooner will be marrying Liz Chell on Monday April 13th 2009 at Gretna Green at 3pm smilie

The cake has not been discussed with The Bestman as I suspect they will not be wanting a scone or one with surprises jumping out Rolleyes

The problem is its a Bank Holiday Monday, which means that The Bestman may be doing a runner straight after the speeches as I'll probably have to be at work back in Nottingham on Tuesday smilie

As for the Stag weekend, we have several options and opinions on the table at the moment ranging from, Ireland, Isle of Man or St Petersberg (Russia).

Russ smilie

RE: Mrs Scone Ranger - cargo - 20-09-2008

I've found the perfect location smilie

[Image: desert_sunrise_t2371.jpg]

RE: Mrs Scone Ranger - boakesey - 20-09-2008

cargo Wrote:I've found the perfect location smilie

I vote they should have it in Wi-SCONE-sin.....

RE: Mrs Scone Ranger - boakesey - 20-09-2008

..... followed by a honeymoon in Venice.

They could have romantic rides in a Scone-dola.

RE: Mrs Scone Ranger - thewitch - 20-09-2008

Wi-scone-sin... but they're not in sin... they'll be married!smilie
(Is this getting very very silly??)smilie