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Results Book - Anonymous - 02-09-2002

Anyone know when and where the results book will be available

Re: Results Book - Anonymous - 02-09-2002

Re: Results Book - Anonymous - 02-09-2002

Thanks for that. Does caroline have an email address

Re: Results Book - Anonymous - 02-09-2002



<A HREF=""></A>


Re: Results Book - Anonymous - 06-09-2002

Re: Results Book - Anonymous - 09-09-2002

Thanks for that but mines just arrived. Poor quality after receiving nice book as in previous years. Anyway, precise and factual so thumbs up. ready for next year now.

Re: Results Book - Anonymous - 14-09-2002

Yes, very poor after previous years, no practice or race reports, just the results. What happened to the practice reports on Manx Radio this year, non-existent too, or the reference at the prize-giving to " those who unfortunately are unable to be with us today", or the show of hands for the non-finishers, again both non-existent? Must be the 21st century approach to things!