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MGP2002 Duke Video - Anonymous - 25-10-2002

Any one else fallen for the Duke video sales patter. 'Yup pay now and your video will be sent within 5 working days','Oh forgot to tell you video not released until 21 October','Oh forgot to tell you back log could be erm.............not sure will get back to you','erm been a bit of a hold up give us a call in a few days, we have over 175 on back order'.

Nice to know that in this modern age Duke video have not improved

Re: MGP2002 Duke Video - Anonymous - 26-10-2002

Hi ken,

The were just as bad in 2001, was able to tape it off sky before they released the video then!!!!!!

I bet there are a few guys in a back street in Bradford who could copy tapes quicker!!

Catch ya soon


Re: MGP2002 Duke Video - Anonymous - 30-10-2002

Caught out the same way! sent them an email asking when the video is likely to arrive. No reply as yet.

Re: MGP2002 Duke Video - Anonymous - 30-10-2002

It will be NEXT WEEK or maybe TOMORROW or even YESTERDAY. So says the wise man who cannot break water but can break wind.