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16th October - Anonymous - 17-10-2004

Re: 16th October - Anonymous - 20-10-2004

Sad to see this, and sad to see nobody has commented. But then, this board is always a bit quiet, even during the GP most people posted on the TT board. Funny that.

Anyway Rosie as one who has never had a ride in the Airmed and hopefuly never will Wink THANKS for all your efforts. I know just seeing the airmed waiting in the field before every outing gives a feeling of security. We really appreciate it and I'm sorry to hear a few idiots have left a bad taste after your sterling efforts.

Hope it gets sorted out, the Island is a little community and hopefully the right people will hear about this and take appropriate action. I'll look forward to being over next year, thanks in no small part to the efforts of excellent people like you. Smile

Re: 16th October - Anonymous - 20-10-2004

Thanks Des,
One individual has come forward and apologised, which is some compenstion, but I as I have said before nothing will ever stop me or The Sulby Glen supporting the bikers and the racing on the Island