You are cordially invited.................

You are cordially invited.................
TTwebsite would like to invite you all to come along to an informal get-together in the Cat with No Tail, Douglas, on Tuesday 26 August, any time from 6.30.
There will be a range of reasonably priced meals available for those who want to eat, and the Cat does a good pint (or two).
It is hoped that some illustrious, and some infamous, present and past competitors will pop in during the evening, and much reminiscence is expected from the original “Newcomers”, some of whom (from the first races in 1978) are meeting in a corner.. don’t ask why a corner… their idea!smilie

The Cat With No Tail
Hailwood Court

An early local arrival looks for a corner to meet in....

[Image: anearlyarrival.jpg]
28-07-2008, 02:50 PM

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