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RE: Controlled Fuels
(06-08-2011, 09:59 AM)ace Wrote: The TT organisers are proposing using a single 'controlled fuel' from 2012. They claim that Health & Safety issues (not commercial) are the drivers behind the move.

This must surely impact on the Manx GP Festival as the same Health & Safety concernes will exist in August as they will in May/June!

Accepting that the top teams use these fuel anyway, from experience these 'controlled fuels' are more expensive than pump fuel (even Manx prices).

Worrying times ahead!


Some of these control fuels are bl**dy expensive, and, of course, those who ride those noisy, smelly 2 stroke things, like wot I does occasionally,may well find that the oil, depending on wot oil youre using, doesnt mix. Bye Bye MGP

Anyway, wots wrong with everyone having to use Pump Super Unleaded then its the same for everyone ?
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