Need Info for - Manx Classic TT 2018
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Need Info for - Manx Classic TT 2018
After visiting the IOM TT in 2016, which we very much enjoyed, we are very keen to come back again this time for the Manx TT in August 2018, so I have started planning, but I have some questions.

(1) For the TT in 2016 we used "TT Breaks Travel" for our Ferry bookings, Tour around the course and got an Unlimited Travel pass which all worked out fine. I understand "TT Breaks Travel" is no longer operating, is there another Agency that we can use to get the same package?

(2) We Camped at the Douglas Rugby Club (which we can highly recommend), but I understand that some of these camp sites don't operate for the Manx TT. What sites do operate ? as we will be camping again in 2018.

(3) Do they have the TT designated Bus Operating over the Weeks of the Manx TT.

Any further info on the Manx TT will be helpful.

Thanks Russell and Sue (NZ)
13-07-2017, 01:48 AM
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