Ken Davis where were you?

Good meeting, lucky with the weather.
Like so many, I fell foul of some donkeys bottom who thought it would be a bright idea to outbrake a 250 on a 600 Honda , resulting in me getting punted head first through a picket fence and being stopped by a wire one. Fat Batty Codhead also damaged his bike and I had a few words with him after!!!!!!!!

Thanks to the work of Valentino Cross, Al Biaggi and "Whispering" Al Robinson we got my TZ straightened out for Sundays races.

Thanks to the Totty parked in the bottom paddock opposite Mick Goodings for showing us so much of her thong on Saturday night. There was quite a crowd outside Mick's van !!!!!

Getting concerned with nutters executing do or die manouevers at Scarborough though, hope that Batty Boy isn't there in September.

Glad to hear Ryan is okay after also being shunted into a bank
16-07-2001, 11:00 PM

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