Marshals are Needed
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Marshals are Needed
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The Manx Grand Prix starts on Saturday, as long as there are enough marshals in place around the Mountain Course.

The message from the Isle of Man T.T. Marshals Association is simple - we need you even if it is for one session only.

Roads around the T.T. Course close at 5pm on Saturday and there is concern the practice session will be either delayed or cancelled.

Around 40% of the marshals on the Association database live on the island.

Chairman Terry Holmes is urging locals to help when numbers are thin ahead of visitors arriving on the island:-

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16-08-2012, 09:15 PM
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RE: Marshals are Needed
Sad there were not enough Marshals last nite... I (and others) have been traveling so was not aware of the shortage. (do not think I am being critical here... I had no real communications for the last 1.5 days while in the air).

So, it just dawned on me... so when shortages of Marshals appear.... perhaps there is a way to get the Steam Packet to make a P.A. announcement(s) on the Ferry boats..?? You would be amazed at how many race enthusiasts do not know they can (or how to) be a Marshal..!

Just a thought..!!


Ron - Ah... good to be back on the IOM..!!!!!
19-08-2012, 03:37 AM
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