8,000 miles and a dream: husband and wife head to Manx Grand Prix
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8,000 miles and a dream: husband and wife head to Manx Grand Prix
[Image: lehmanns.jpg]
Colin and Jenice Lehmann (Photo: Gareth Davidson, Superbike Magazine South Africa)

Colin Lehmann first visited the island in 2010 as part of the pit crew for fellow South African Hudson Kennaugh at that year’s TT.

Straighaway he knew that one day he would fulfil his dream of racing around the iconic course – even if it meant travelling thousands of miles to do so.

Three years later, with his racer wife Jenice in his own pit crew, he competed in the MGP Newcomers A race.

Although he managed 725km in practice week and three laps of the actual race, the motor of his Yahama R6 gave in at Kirk Michael with just one lap to go, but the MGP bug had bitten, and this year both Colin and Jenice are back in the Isle of Man, this time both taking part.

‘It was fun being over as part of Colin’s crew,’ says Jenice, ‘but as we drove round and round the course to familiarise him with every bump and corner, I was itching to get out there on my bike.

‘This year, with the support of the Top Gun and David Simon’s teams, we’re back and both competing!’

Supporting my dream

‘Jenice and I both compete in South Africa - that’s how we met - and she’s supported my dream of racing in the Isle of Man from day one.’ commented Colin, ‘Unfortunately I wasn’t able to finish in 2013, but that’s just made me more determined this year. 

‘Having Jenice there then and talking her through the bends and straights, not to mention the kerbs, walls and houses, has inspired us both.’

Any road racer knows that competing is expensive and even more so when you are travelling more than 8,000 miles before you can even start.

In 2013 Colin bought his own bike when he arrived from South Africa and, in the true spirit of the MGP, was only able to compete thanks to the help of new friends and supporters.

Two years later, Colin and Jenice have both secured rides and assistance from well-known teams Top Gun and David Simons, which has enabled them to make more concrete plans.

Colin will be competing in the Junior and Senior races on a 2012 Honda CBR600RR, and Jenice in the Newcomers B and Lightweight races on a Honda RVF Nc35.

Jenice is one of only four women competing in this year’s IMGold MGP and the inspiration of Carolynn Sells, the only woman to win a solo race in the Isle of Man, is always there.

‘I can’t quite believe that I’m going to be competing in the very race which Carolynn won in 2009.

‘She once said that anybody can do anything they want to do, and that being female isn’t an obstacle.

‘Although I didn’t take up bikes until I was 21, I hope Carolynn would be impressed by my drive and enthusiasm. I rode superbikes and drag raced, but it wasn’t until 2010 - aged 28 - I started racing full on. Five years later, here I am!’

Jenice is keen to stress that she’s not heading to the MGP just to keep Colin company - she is regarded as one of the fastest female racers in South Africa and very much up there with the men.

‘I know I’m a newcomer to the Isle of Man and to the IMGold MGP, but wouldn’t it be great if one day it was my name alongside Carolynn’s inspiring other women to get out there and take part?’

Given Jenice’s ambition, it’s probably a good job that she won’t be competing directly against husband Colin – but together they make a formidable team.

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RE: 8,000 miles and a dream: husband and wife head to Manx Grand Prix
It's nice to see there are still quite a number of over seas riders willing to take on the mountain course good luck to them!
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