Live Manx Grand Prix in 2017
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Live Manx Grand Prix in 2017
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The Filming Team

The 2017 Manx Grand Prix races saw the live streaming of racing on the Mountain Course for the first time ever, reaching over 1.5 million people worldwide.

The Manx Motor Cycle Club had planned filming of the races and the scope of the project was expanded by the decision to embrace social media and stream the races live. The technological challenges were taken on by the Club’s IT service provider, specifically Ruari Buchanan of Little City.

The first recorded content was filmed during the first practice session and uploaded to YouTube. As practice week progressed more equipment arrived and further daily practice reports were uploaded. These were supplemented by superb onboard film kindly provided by Gaztec Services.

Using the Island’s 4G network, the first live broadcast was made of the following Saturday’s MGP practice session via the MGP’s Facebook page. With no publicity other than Facebook and the Club’s website, this attracted 24,000 views and a reach of 117,000.

Live broadcasting continued throughout Race week culminating with the final broadcast of the Senior Race. Two cameras were employed at the Grandstand with others at Glen Helen, Ballaugh Bridge, Ramsey Hairpin, The Gooseneck, Brandywell and Creg ny baa.
  • The numbers reached on Facebook were 361,739 with 77,000 views during the race.

  • Favourable comments were received from viewers in counties as diverse as Australia, Japan and Far East, South America, all Europe, India, and the United States.

  • In total the broadcasts reached 1.5 million with 364,500 views.

  • There were supplemented by additional views on YouTube where the “live” broadcasts were later uploaded.

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07-09-2017, 11:06 AM
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RE: Live Manx Grand Prix in 2017
I saw on the MGP Facebook page on my phone that this was going to happen and thought that I'd take a look on my PC while at work when it was supposed to be live. I couldn't find a stream anywhere despite much googling and checking out the MGP website and Facebook page. A great idea, but ultimately (for me at least) very disappointing.

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07-09-2017, 11:32 AM
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RE: Live Manx Grand Prix in 2017
I'm not a Facebook user but realised that live streaming was available and found it on my tablet, "casting" it to the TV. The guys did brilliantly and along with the live timing meant that those of us unlucky not to get to the IOM had almost a better experience. I have thanked all involved already on Facebook but would like to do so again here. I realise that it's the excitement of the MGP races that puts other events in the shade but live video was a real treat. I look forward to MGP 2018. Keep it up!
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07-09-2017, 05:15 PM
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RE: Live Manx Grand Prix in 2017
I was quite transfixed by the streaming, I can't help thinking that it's a sign of things to come, specially for the TT. Maybe doing it during the Manx gives time to sort out any problems before it reaches a massive global audience (& the pay per view begins?!! Confused)
Although, by the sound of it, it has already been seen by a fair few folk!!
Well done to all concerned.
08-09-2017, 09:36 PM
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