Protecting your personal information
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Protecting your personal information
Please stay with us, but this is your chance to opt out

In line with the new legislation effective towards the end of this month which affects how and when we may contact you, we are obliged to give you the opportunity to say “NO – you do not wish to hear from us”.

We are also bound by the new law to use the contact details we hold responsibly, and only with the express permission of the individual or organisation to which that data refers.

Most of our signed up registrants are either media contacts, riders/rider's sponsors/team owners, enthusiasts and the like.

Therefore it would make sense for all interested parties to continue to receive access to the Website & Forum related to the Sport of Motorcycle Road Racing.

Unless we receive a specific request from you to remove you from our registration list, then for now, things will continue as previously.

So, in summary, please reply to info-at-ttwebsite-dot-com , with a firm “NO, Remove me from your Registration List” if you no longer wish to have access to the Website Forum.

23-05-2018, 04:20 PM
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