FERRY TICKETS-Race week-2 bikes & riders for sale
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FERRY TICKETS-Race week-2 bikes & riders for sale
Hi All,
I have 2 ferry tickets for sale for the TT 2020. This is for 2 x motorcycles and 2 x adults
Heysham to Douglas, Sunday 7 June 14:15 on the BEN MY CHREE, including access to premium Niarbyl Lounge.
Douglas to Heysham, Thursday 11 June 15:45 on the Manannan, including access to the premium Niarbyl lounge.

I have paid the deposit only so far, 2 x £60 and the balance is due on the 28th February. I am only looking to recoup my deposit, no upsale, so please contact me if interested.

This was going to be my first TT with my Dad. He was going to ride up to London from Portugal to meet me  and then we would ride together to IOM, via the Peak District and the Yorkshire Dales on the way. Unfortunately, he had to have shoulder surgery last week to fix all his tendons and the Doc has banned him from riding for a few months, especially on his heavy GS. So we've postponed until  next year but would be great to get my deposit back.
If any of you have recommendations as to how to safely transfer the tickets to a new named holder please do tell.
Thanks in advance,
14-02-2020, 01:38 PM
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