Graham Treacher: My tribute....

Graham Treacher: My tribute....
With regret to hear such terrible news on Monday
that Graham Treacher has died.
Not many of you will know Graham but to us Musson's, he has been a family friend for over
40 years and mechanic to Hilary and John Musson
at the TT races from 1978 to 1985 and a great supporter and sponsor to Gail at the Manx Grand
Prix very recently and for this years event.
He was such an intelligent, good natured and an
excellent humour. Also an excellent racer himself
on Vincents. He was a great engineer and was an
excellent mechanic.
He was recently telling me he wanted to get his
Cadwell Park days photographs together and do some
history of the great times he had there.
It was not long ago Graham spent some wonderful
days in Daytona, Florida and at Scott Russell's
ranch in Georgia larking about on a quad which he
managed to land underneath ! He was so looking
forward to going back there and had this years
race season to look forward to, starting with my
first meeting of the year at the NW 200.
I will dedicate this years season in memory of
Graham, Bless you, we'll all miss you out there,
this year especially.


27-04-2004, 11:39 PM

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